T.David's Script ShopeziBill 1.21

Note: this script is no longer available for sale

Tired of trying to figure out how to fit the iBill pincode system into your website?  Would you like to just be able to set up your HTML join page and have the rest happen behind the scenes for you? Then eziBill is for you. This handy script will interface with your iBill new account process and make it hands-free for new members to join your website and with the new upgrade hands free for you to (optionally, of course) allow them to stop their recurring billing as well! With the optional Admin Mod you can add, delete and manage your website enrollment process with ease. Click here to signup for iBill service

TD Scripts is an Approved PartnereziBill 1.21 features include:

- auto password retrieval system for members
- delete existing members by numerically sorted pincode
- allow members to cancel recurring billing through script
- admin can cancel recurring billing without logging into iBill
- streamlined setup, only one setup file instead of two
- ensures script calls are coming only from iBill servers
- member password encryption for enhanced security
- let your new members choose their own ID or use their email address
- allows unlimited credit card and online checks subaccounts
- allows multiple, easily-configurable Web900 accounts
- no Web900 HTML pages for you to create, the script generates them on the fly
- detailed logging of IP address, username, date/time joined, term of membership
- in depth instructions -- in English -- for ez installation!
- only 1 script to configure!

eziBill 1.2 ADMINISTRATION MODULE (optional add-on) features include:
- browser-based administration for ez add & deleting expired members
- no text files to edit

Have TDavid customize eziBill in some other way for you ... contact us for inquiries.

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