Click here to visit the home page of TD TD Pic of Day 1.02 - Have you got a directory full of images and would like to randomize that directory with a mouse click and have a different picture displayed on your website every day? With TD Pic of Day you can do that quickly, easily and it does not require special Server Side Include (SSI) tags.


+ New! random pic script to optionally return a random image every time the script is called
+ New! improved date routine
+ No CGI or server side includes (SSI) are needed
+ The script is called with a standard IMG tag so it works on any page: htm, html, shtml, php, whatever!
+ Randomize directories of images with a single mouse click
+ You can have an unlimited amount of directories of images in unlimited categories, one script controls it all
+ Built-in allow/disallow multiple domains, so you can easily call the script on servers that don't have PHP, yes
   even on freehosts! (you do need to install the script on a server with PHP, but once installed you can use
   it anywhere)
Only thieves will see this image+ Built-in theft protection, if someone unauthorized tries to call the script instead of the image they will get your easily configurable stolen image!
+ image source is hidden, so it will help prevent theft of your bandwith! If you are over 18, then go check out this page and try to find the path to the image warning adult content TD Pic of Day 1.02 ADULT DEMO warning adult content
+ The code that serves the pictures is barely 1k!
+ Intelligently randomizes for 7 days, 31 days or 365 days worth of different random pictures,
   the same picture will not be shown unless you want it to be
+ Could also be used as a simple banner rotator that would show a different banner every day
+ Browser based script-secured admin area, no htaccess or server security scheme is required
+ Upgrades within version (1.xxxx) and technical support for bugs are FREE!
+ You only need 1 license of this script for every website your own and/or operate!
+ installation is included with all purchases as of 9/26/2003 (you can optionally install yourself, if you want)

warning adult content (rated R) (TD Pic of Day ADULT DEMO) warning adult content (rated R)

TD Pic of Day 1.02 - Daily picture rotator - requires a UNIX/LINUX server that runs PHP 3.0+

Pay by online check (US only): $75

Pay by PayPal: $75
Pay by other method

All purchases please allow *1* business day for processing of your order, as these orders are all manually approved. If you do not hear from us within 1 business day, feel free to contact us regarding the status of your order. If you have questions before ordering, feel free to look for TDavid via Skype or call the office.

TD Pic of Day 1.02 - Want to start your own picture of the day program? This PHP script will allow you to do that and more...

PLEASE NOTE: This script is NOT compatible with PHP version 4.03pl1. There is a bug in ONLY this version of PHP which causes problem for this script. Rather than code a workaround for one bugged version of PHP (the PHP programmers have fixed this bug in PHP for all other versions), I will tell you this ahead of time so if your host has this installed, then you will need to encourage them to download a newer or older version of PHP before this script you are about to buy works as advertised above. To find out what version of PHP you are using ASK your host or upload this script and call it test.php and then call it from your browser:

<? phpinfo(); ?>

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