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Want to make sure your surfers bust out of frames? Cut and pasting this handy JavaScript code between the <head> tags in your HTML documents:

<script language="Javascript">
if (window.location != top.location) {top.location.href=window.location}
// -->

Hope you are taking advantage of our FREE php course! click here for more details ...

I provide freeware versions of some of my scripts. If you use them then please link back to this site. Below is a graphic you can use but please do not hotlink (link from this server) it.

TD - Perl PHP mySQL database programming

More recip graphics available here

Custom Programming
Have something new and/or different? An idea that you think would be really cool? I occasionally set time aside to do custom projects (especially if they really intrigue me), so give me a call (253-330-7045) or drop me a line should you be interested in my custom programming services and we'll go from there.

I've done custom programming for companies all over the world and many references are available upon request.

I also do ongoing maintenance contract work, so if you need a coder for say 5-10 hours a month, I might be able to work a special deal with you there (you can save as much as 40% off my regular custom programming rate for this type of work), depending on current obligations and the specifics of the contract. It never hurts to ask, so give me a call and/or drop me an email ;)


Script Watch .. 20011..What's New!
5/23/2012: Installed the greatest customer support ticket system from Jitbit to handle helpdesk trouble tickets.
5/19/2011: Business telephone number has changed to (253) 330-7045, please update your records.
8/2/2010: Miscellaneous minor updates across the website.
2/28/07: Added TD Scripts Wordpress Plugins & Mods blog and TD Word Count v0.41 script, plus updated current script status for all scripts.
3/21/06: LSL scripting!
3/13/05: Blog Installation special: $17.50 per hour for any blog script through April 15, 2005
11/13/04: New free URL shortening service:
8/14/04: New website launched: Webmaster
3/13/04: TD Scripts Official Email Policy
12/3/03: Fix Text Characters
9/25/03: Easy Cell Number Generator
7/10-7/17: Family Vacation #2, pics and blog at makeyougohmm
5/19/03: Ask TDavid a question about scripting in the Script School homeroom forum
4/12/03: 8 hours of custom programming contest is over
1/11/03: Cron job generator added to webmaster utilities collection
12/30/02: Online Offline Manager 1.1 upgrade
11/19/02: Vote for the best Script School radio shows of 2002 in preparation for the 3rd Annual Best of Script School Radio show!
10/18-10/20 AWE Convention in Los Angeles, CA
10/3/02: New Visa/MC 3rd party billing will have no effect on programming or support pricing at TD Scripts
8/20/02: Link Organizer 1.24 upgrade
8/16-8/18: AWE Convention in Seattle, WA
7/15/02: TD Programs unofficial release
5/22/02: Link Organizer 1.23 upgrade
5/17/02: TD Scripts icon added!

3/31/02: TD Pic of Day 1.02 upgrade
3/13/02: Online Offline Manager 1.0 released!
3/8: Now Taking PayPal payments!
2/15-3/29: "How to build Clicks Out" Course at Script School
2/3/02: beta page updated
1/22/2: Link Organizer 1.22 upgrade, new feature added!
1/7/2: Link Organizer 1.21 upgrade, new features added!
1/1/2: Link Organizer 1.2 upgrade
12/17/01: Added popup window script generator to webmaster utilities!
11/15/01: New Link Organizer Registered User area released!
10/31/01: Happy Halloween!
9/29/01: Donated a single license of our rare matchmaking script to webmasters4america auction
9/9/01: whatisip added to Webmaster Utilities
8/18/01 - TD Forum 1.21 upgrade
8/15/01 - beta page updated
8/3 - 8/5/01 AWE in Portland, Oregon!
7/10/01: Countdown Code Creator released!
6/25/01: Confirmed for internext 6/26-6/30
4/26/01: Webmaster Utilities section released!
2/24/01: Last Modified Page 1.0 released
2/3/01: Perl CGI Course released
1/2 - 1/7/01: Internext 2001 convention
11/13/00: htpasswd Organizer 1.0 released!
10/7/00: eziBill 1.21 upgrade
9/29/00: Link Organizer 1.1 upgrade
8/4/00: eziBill 1.2 upgrade
8/2/00: Image Helper 1.01 upgrade
7/28/00: LIVE CGI Installation Workshop 2pm
7/02/00: TD Forum 1.2 upgrade
7/01/00: Guts Or Glory Poker 1.0 released!
6/30/00: TD Pic of Day 1.0 released!
5/25/00: Weekly Tech Radio show released!
5/6/00: Congrats to MikeS who won the free scripts for next 12 months prize in Thursday night's giveaway!
5/4/00: Beta scripts page update
5/2/00: Link Organizer 1.03 upgrade
4/2/00: Link Organizer 1.02 upgrade
3/29/00: Monthly Special Offers starting in April 2000 ... get incredible deals on our commercial scripts by visiting the various Webmaster resource sites ...
3/8/00: Image Helper 1.0 released
2/15/00: Top Throttle 1.0 released
2/10/00: eziBill 1.1 upgrade
1/20/00: JS Countdown released
1/11/00: TD Keno 1.1 upgrade
1/1/2000: TD Forum 1.01 upgrade

8/16-8/19: We are sponsoring and TDavid will be attending the AWE in Seattle, WA.  

7/15: Our newest website is TD which means, yes, we are now doing desktop programming! You can check out one of my first applications: the AN Audiozone Controller

5/17/02: Added TD Scripts icon. When you bookmark this page you will see a special TD ico file in your bookmark list so you can easier find this site. I'm busy working on two new scripting websites that will hopefully be released soon!

3/31/02: Happy Easter! TD Pic of Day 1.02 updated with an updated and improved date selection routine and a bonus random image script included.

3/13/02: Do you want to track the status of different users online/offline using a customizable web interface?

2/15-3/29 - The Clicks Out course at Script School is really cooking! If you aren't an enrolled student at Script School and have any interest in learning more about the tech side of the business, then get enrolled today while it's still free!

1/22/02 - Link Organizer 1.22 upgrade released - new feature added! The registered user area is cooking with ideas for future expansion too.

11/15 - we have released a new registered user area for Link Organizer users. If you have purchased Link Organizer and didn't receive the registered user email, then please Contact Us so we can get you access to this new area. It contains free scripts, tips on using Link Organizer, the ability to interactively communicate with me and other Link Organizer registered users, plus it will be the only way to upgrade the Link Organizer script in the future.

8/3 - 8/5/01: We will be attending the AWE in Portland, Oregon and TDavid will be speaking on one of the panels on security and site automation.

7/10/01: Countdown JavaScript code creator version 1.0 released. You can quickly and easily generate the code necessary to countdown to the day of an event on a webpage. Try it, it's pretty slick.

4/26/01: Webmaster Utilities section released! Utilities and scripts that you can use to assist you in your webmastering efforts. Includes: scrollbar color changer script, bandwith converter, show words count for creating relevant search engine meta tags and more!

2/24/01: Last Modified Page 1.0 released! This handy perl script will walk any directory you define and add the date the page was last updated (and other HTML) at the very bottom of each page to each .html, htm, shtml, phtml. Not only is it free, but I show you how to create it!

Please contact us for future script requests, bug reports, to comment on any of the scripts you see here, or to simply say hi. Due to the enormous volume of mail I receive, I cannot personally respond to each email, but I do read them all, as long as it isn't spam.

Do you need a CGI/PHP script Installed?
Of course we offer installations of our own scripts, but we also do 3rd party CGI installations from the simple to the very complex. About 95% of the scripts out there we'll install for a flat $35, but if it involves mySQL or for the more complex script setups, the price will be more.

I am always working on new Perl CGI scripts, PHP, JavaScripts, tutorials and script modifications, some of which are freeware, some which require registration, so you should bookmark this page and check back often. I also regularly write helpful articles relating to Perl, PHP and mySQL and publish them here and elsewhere.

02/28/07: Updated the status of a couple scripts and most pages around the site to contain the most current information which included the addition of one new script area: TD Scripts Wordpress Plugins & Mods and script TD Word Count v0.41 (GPL) and retiring some older scripts that are no longer being developed.

07/24/06: We are now using 100% Skype in our online business communications and thus our office phone number has changed: please update your records, the new number is either "TDavid" via Skype or (253) 330-7045 via any cell phone or landline [...more]

03/21/06: Since December 31, 2005 I've been getting into Second Life (SL) and the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) which I've added to masthead as part of our range of available scripting services. I've already created two scripts for sale (and have our first 4 customers, woohoo) see TD Dice Cube and TD Security. The plan is to add an area for SL scripts here as well, so if you venture into in the world of SL you can look me up as TD Goodliffe.

Official PayPal Seal03/13/05: Blogs are everywhere these days and we have been installing them left and right. If you need a blog installed, we are feeling pre-tax time excited about them and are offering a limited time fee of $17.50 per hour (that's 50% off our normal script installation rate and the vast majority of scripts out there can be installed in less than an hour) good from now through April 15, 2005.TDavid already contributes to several blogs and several different blog-related projects are in the works, including at least one for!

11/13/04: Ever wish you could make a long URL shorter? With our new free service: you can do just that. Want to watch the flow of new URLs come in? Subscribe to the last 10 RSS feed.

8/14/04: Over the last 5 years, we sort of have a tradition of launching at least one new website every year and our newest website is webmastercookbook. This will become a mainstream and younger family-friendly version of Script School, teaching people how to become webmasters. It includes a weekly radio show every Friday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT. You can register here for the website.

3/13/04: With all the viruses and spam bouncing around the net I thought it would be good to restate our official policy at tdscripts regarding email attachments. Here is the TD official email policy:

We do NOT send or receive email attachments without advance authorization.

Therefore, if you should ever receive an email claiming to be from TD Scripts with an attachment and you didn't specifically buy or order something from us, then it is bogus. It is probably a virus or something else that will damage your computer or network. You are welcome to call us --- please do -- any time to verify any email that you receive from TD Scripts to make sure it is legitimate.

12/3/03: Sometimes when filling out forms and cut and pasting text from various word processing programs, characters can be introduced that look strangely on the web. The Fix Text Char webmaster utility converts these characters to spaces or a web-friendly version.

9/25/03: With the Easy Cell Number Generator webmasters can make easy to input cell phone numbers. Useful for domain prospecting and file and directory layout structure for cell phone friendly content

7/10/03 - 7/17: Follow along with TDavid and his 2nd annual family vacation at makeyougohmm

5/19/03: Want to ask TDavid a question about scripting? He visits the Script School homeroom forum from time to time and answers questions from students.

4/12/03: One lucky webmaster won 8 hours of custom programming from TDavid in the PIB Find the Easter Eggs contest.

3/15/03: The "When will TDavid get to 666 posts?" contest awarded webmaster: WeirdHarold a free website license ($500 USD value) of Link Organizer. Contest details were here

12/30/02: Online Offline Manager 1.1 has been upgraded to allow an additional online option: "busy" It's a free upgrade for registered users! 

11/19/02: Your vote matters. Vote for the Best Script School Radio shows of 2002! Also enter the "What does C-Munk look like?" graphics contest and you could win a prize package worth $5,000!   

10/3/02: The new Visa/MC rules going into effect for online credit card processors effective 11/1/02 will not have any affect on programming or support pricing. We do use third party billing so there might be some change to the way we process credit card transactions in the future, but I do not intend at this time to make any changes that would effect pricing and support costs. I'll keep you updated if there is a change. 

Thank you, TDavid

I'm also working with a few other programmers and other volunteers on a non-adult version of Script School. So if you would like to get involved in this project please email principal at scriptschool dot com.

TD Pic of Day 1.02 - Want to start your own picture of the day program? This PHP script will allow you to do that and more...

You can easily do that using TD Scripts program: Online Offline Manager 1.0

3/8 - After many, many requests, we have finally decided to start officially taking PayPal payments for script purchases beneath $200 USD. If you would like to send us money for any script or combination of scripts here and use PayPal then please call us or email customers sevice with the script name(s), number of licenses, and your email address to send the PayPal bill to pay.

If this test period runs successfully, then we'll setup automated links for PayPal purchasing all around the website using our own custom scripts (of course ;-)

Scripts to check out!

Some of TD recent projects include (not all are public releases):

  • A dice game inside Second Life called TD Dice Cube
  • URL shortening service
  • a complete model agency website
  • online/offline indicator to track status of users - including several customizations for customers like in/out timesheet database and more
  • double opt-in email program
  • third party script installations: blogs (lots of blog scripts), search engine, links, shopping cart script and others
  • a program to allow registered users to pick sporting events and be ranked (php/mySQL) (updated NFL 2003/2004)
  • check the beta page for some scripts in progess (updated 3/04)

Hopefully along the way you can also learn some programming so that you can write your own scripts! Want to learn how to write your own clicks out script? Try the 6 week Script School Clicks Out PHP course!

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