Plugin: TD Word Count

This is the official page for the TD Word Count plugin. Updates and releases are announced on the blog and will be linked here. The most recent version download link will always be available here.

What does TD Word Count do?
Provides detailed published and unpublished word count stats for Wordpress authors. The output is on a single page which allows searching using the browser’s built in commands and can be sorted by date, post title, number of most and least words.

GNU General Public License

The most current version of TD World Count is version 0.51 (released 12/10/2007). Compatible with Wordpress version 2.3.x and is also backwards compatible to version 1.5.x.

v0.51 New section added, counts for pages and posts, minor sorting bug fix. TD Word Count v0.51 [.zip]

Version history
v0.51 Added “This Month Published Activity” section, separation in counts for pages and posts, fixed sorting bug and support up to wordpress 2.3.x (released 12/10/2007 5:25pm PST)
v0.43 Fixes incorrect version title, thanks Sterling, and minor multiple author fix (released 3/25/07 12:41pm PST)
v0.42 attachments no longer show as “unpublished” thanks JohnnyRS (released 3/25/07 8:43am PST)
v0.41 released 2/5/07 5:46pm PST - minor bug fix over 0.4
v0.40 for new authors with no published posts.
v0.3 released July 25, 2006 2:25pm PST

1. FTP tdwordcount.php to the wp-content/plugin folder.
2. activate the TD Wordcount plugin in your Wordpress blog admin
3. add a new post or edit/update an existing archived post. This will generate your initial word count stats. It will be updated in the future any time you edit an existing post or add a new one.
4. navigate to the Dashboard -> Word stats page to view the stats

Instructions / Screencast
There is a screencast available (8:13) in the v0.3 release blog post that explains how to use the TD Word Count plugin and provides video keypoints. You are welcome and encouraged to embed this instructional screencast in your blog or website, here is the code to do that:

<embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""> </embed>